Welcome to Find True Love

This course details a process to prepare for, find, and keep a quality, long-term relationship.  This process is not so unyielding to define your measure of quality; these steps help you define those measures for yourself while encouraging you to remain mindful of God’s will and His purpose for your eventual marriage.

We present a unique combination of faith and psychology to provide a comprehensive and simple plan.  Although simple, some of these steps may not be easy.  Charting a path to the love of your life is a fun endeavor!  You will be tempted to skip steps and cut to the chase, but RESIST!!!  Do the hard work; I later came to realize the wisdom in staying faithful to the process.

The workbook exercises serve as supplemental resources for this course.  Also, we provide notes templates to make note-taking a little easier.  We also recommend that you journal your quest for lifelong love as you begin to implement what you’ve learned.

Video: Find True Love Introduction